Application Process

Fees for your application and other process

Once you decided to apply to any one or more programs of study, you should make a formal request to us.

Fees: Although fees varies by programs of study, university/college, and country you choose to apply, we normally charge you USD 100 for your document processing in addition to the application fee that your chosen university/college takes. For example, if your chosen university charge $60 as the application fee, you will need to pay us upfront—100+60=Total US$ 160. We will let you know in advance, in any case where different fees is applicable.

Once we receive your application fees, we will send you an ‘agent authorization document’ which you should fill and upload at the end of the ‘Apply now’ section.

How you pay us?: You can send us above mentioned fees by using a inter-bank wire transfer from your country to our Bank account in Canada. Your bank may charge you a small amount of transfer fee. If you want to pay by alternative means such as by Paypal,  you can discuss with us the alternative method of payment you prefer.


Further process: Once we receive your payment and all your essential documents i) notorized copy of your passport ii) your mark sheet/transcript iii) certificate iv) IELTS/TOEFL score submitted on ‘Apply now’ section, we will then start a college/university application for you. We will contact you if we need further documents or clarification. We will inform you any progress made in your application by email.

Refund: Regardless of whether or not your application is approved and you receive an offer letter, the application fees you paid is non-refundable. Once you submit your documents in ‘Apply now’ section and send us the ‘application fee’ mentioned in this section, you are supposed to understand and accept this policy.

Limits of our services: Our service is focused in helping you in your college/university application. Once we send you the decision we received from college or university about your application, our active service ends there. You should do all further process on your own such as obtaining visa. However, we can continuously provide you with a lot of other guidance based on our knowledge and experiences in studying and living abroad. This is something where we stands out.